[Walkthrough] Forbidden Love ~Unforgivable Couple~ William Taylor

 Ryan’s walkthrough 

Screenshot_2014-09-07-15-52-51 copy

[Chapter 1]
“Do you not contact each other often?” (+50)

[Chapter 2]
Is that why? (+50)

[Chapter 3]
“William is a wonderful person. (+50)

[Chapter 4]
This whole rebellious phase has to end at some point, right? (+50)

[Chapter 5]
Yes, there’s someone that’s important to me. (+50)

[Chapter 6]
I’ll help you too. (+50)

[Chapter 7]
My mother was probably something of a pain… (+50)

[Chapter 8]
Just stop moving around like that. (+50)

[Chapter 9]
“Why did you have to die…?” (+50)

[Chapter 10]
Because it was just a too sudden. (+50)

[Chapter 11]
I trust you. (+50)

Secret Story:
Require 440+ Love Points

[Chapter 12]
Why’re you running from me? (+50)

[Chapter 13]
William’s always trying his hardest. (+50)

[Chapter 14]
What were you doing there? (+50)

[Chapter 15]
“What are we going to do?” (+50)

[Chapter 16]
…I’ll do it. (+50)

[Chapter 17]
If you had told me before you bought it… (+50)

[Chapter 18]
You would come to get revenge. (+50)

[Chapter 19]
Please don’t worry. (+50)

[Chapter 20]
No, it’s alright. (+50)

[Chapter 21]
He’s not like you, William. (+50)

Secret Story:
Require 850+ Love Points

[Chapter 22]
You’ve already decided that we can’t buy it? (+50)

[Chapter 23]
I want to too. (+50)

Secret Story:
Require 920+ Love Points

[Chapter 24]
“What happened to Owen?” (+50)

[Chapter 25]
La~la Lalala, la~la~ (+50)

[Chapter 26]
Actually, Robert… (+50)

[Chapter 27]
You’re saying you want me to be a sacrifice? (50 points)

All Endings:
Require 1500+ Love Points.

Happy End:
Require 900+ Love Points.

Normal End:
Require 0+ Love Points.


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