Forbidden Love ~The Unforgivable Couple~

fl Accela love game 

description Caught between who their mother calls a spoiled son and a wicked daughter, this romantic drama game will have you finding something truly precious while you feel like you’re losing yourself; finding happiness while protecting what you have. It’s simple to use, you just read along with the story displayed before you. The ending of the story will change based on the choices you make along the way. Who will be your love, a butler or a work superior? What becomes of their love?
Story You are from your mother’s previous marriage, coming from a multi-millionaire household, and become the sibling of a noble from your father’s previous marriage. Though at first glance the two look like ordinary brother and sister, in truth they hide deep within their hearts a secret love… A love that cannot exist between brother and sister yet all it does is grow stronger. And the gears of love have begun to turn.
tips ~Play and earn Loves. Try catching the apples without missing any, the more apples you catch without missing, the more points you will get.
~I suggest, to collect your coins and buy Scenario tickets, if you are using the walkthrough. But, keep about 500Coins in case you close a wrong answer and need more Love points. (Love points can be increased by purchasing avatars)

 Click on the picture to go to their walkthrough 
chara1  chara2chara3  chara5chara7  chara8

chara9  chara4

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