[Walkthrough][Updating] The Seal of Lycoris ~ Cain

cain01 Cain’s walkthrough

[Chapter 1]
~ o ~ o ~ o ~

[Chapter 2]

[1] This is the person who wanted to kill me and Tomoyuki!
[2] Moreover, he’s the one who kidnapped me!
[3] …but now that I think of it, why did he save me back there? (+)

[1] Is it because he has pity on me?
[2] Is it because he ran out of strength to kill me?
[3] Is it because he want manipulate me for something else? (+)

[Chapter 3]

[1] I’ll raise my voice and pursue him with my question. (+)
[2] I’ll ask him again peacefully.
[3] I’ll shed tears and see what he’ll do.

[1] A nice person?
[2] A gentleman?
[3] A clumsy person?

[Chapter 4]

[1] It feels as though he is taking care of me.
[2] It feels as though he is feeding me. (+)
[3] It feels as though I am being insulted by him.

[1] I don’t know… I really don’t know what to think. (+)
[2] Yes, that’s what I believe in.
[3] Maybe I believe in that… maybe…

[Chapter 5]

[1] It’s regretful for me to die? (+)
[2] He can let me stay alive?
[3] He can’t kill me?

[1] Call his name.
[2] Hug him from behind. (+)
[3] Pull the corner of his clothes lightly.

[Chapter 6]

[1] Maybe i will become lonely.
[2] Maybe i will hate humans eventually.
[3] Maybe I will feel sorry for myself. (+)

[1] “I am here.”
[2] “I want you.” (+)
[3] “I am yours.”

[Chapter 7]

[1] My powers must be hindrance to his goals, that’s why he wants to kill me.
[2] He wants to make my powers his own?
[3] He wants to change something with my powers? (+)

[1] It’s okay. If that’s what he wants then he can kill me. (+)
[2] I will entrust everything to Cain. I believe him.
[3] I want to live with Cain, forever and ever.

[Chapter 8]
~Happy End~


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