[Walkthrough][Updating] Seal of Lycoris ~ Yuie

large-4 Yuie’s walkthrough

[Chapter 1]
~ o ~ o ~ o ~

[Chapter 2]

[1] Is that the only reason?
[2] It seems too serious to use the word ‘providence’ to describe the situation…
[3] I wonder what’s going to happen once he fulfills his “province.” (+)

[1] Of course I can’t trust him!
[2] I-I guess it’s okay if it’s only for a little while… (+)
[3] Somehow… I feel so… sorry for him…

[Chapter 3]

[1] Something that can ward off any evil beings that approach me?
[2] Something that can purify all demonic powers? (+)
[3] Something that can protect me from all harms and ill intentions?

[1] He wants to manipulate me? (+)
[2] He wants to attack me?
[3] He wants to make a fool out of me?

[Chapter 4]

[1] I guess I won’t be able to see the tails too?
[2] I wonder how many days it will take until I can’t see them anymore?
[3] It feels kinda sad to know that I won’t be able to see them anymore. (+)

[1] Some day, you will regret doing this.
[2] There is no point in protecting me if others are hurt in the process. (+)
[3] This will only make you miserable, Yuie.

[Chapter 5]

[1] He is probably trying to change the subject. (+)
[2] He is probably trying to make me feel better.
[3] He is probably afraid of me.

[1] I wrapped my hand around his head.
[2] I wrapped my hand around his body. (+)
[3] I held his hands with mine.

[Chapter 6]

[1] I think Yuie should find his happiness.
[2] I think Yuie should forget about his past.
[3] I think Yuie should be free. (+)

[1] I am not Yuzuriha.
[2] ~I am [Name] (+)
[3] Don’t use those words around me.

[Chapter 7]

[1] I want to be able to do things on my own!
[2] Yuie is not my servant! (+)
[3] I won’t call his name until he calls my name properly!

[1] The fact that Yuzuriha and I love Yuie.
[2] The fact that I love Yuie. (+)
[3] The fact that no one harbors any hatred towards Yuie for what he has done.

[Chapter 8]
~Happy End~


One thought on “[Walkthrough][Updating] Seal of Lycoris ~ Yuie

  1. Thank you for this walkthrough, and all of them in general. I can’t contact with the support of this game so I though maybe you know how to transfer the data to other devices, could you help me with that?
    I really like your website so continue updating!


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