[New] Mistress Contract


Mistress Contract is now released!
♥︎ Free coins campaign ♥︎
My invite ID: cuh4031

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Experience a forbidden love with great-looking men!
Introducing a new romance game with great-looking men from Accela – the developer of many popular otome games!
Enjoy stories with titles such as “Mistress contract” with the free otome game for women.
Become a gorgeous man’s lover and go through a painful heart break…
Be forced into an arranged marriage with prince charming…
Unexpectedly kissed without warning or start a relationship with the one you yearn for!
This is a romance game with a dramatic storyline!
Experience a little bit of love with your virtual man every day with this convenient romance game!
Aside from the main story, enjoy many other features such as mini-games and avatars.
Boyfriend profiles for the various stories:
“Mistress contract”
Having a grudge against your brother, he seeks vengeance.
In order to protect the family business, you become his mistress.
Though he is cold to you in the beginning, he eventually starts to warm up to you..
“Marriage for revenge”
As part of a plan to avenge your grandfather, you are arranged into a marriage with a prince-like businessman.
Though your marriage start off as more like a business arrangement, love starts to grow as you get to know each other…
“Fake Fiance, Fake Marriage.”
A completely fake wedding and a completely fake marriage life.
But that kiss…
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Experience a love story with your virtual man whenever you want!
Anything from sweet first loves to heartbreaking affairs…
Feel the excitement when he confesses his love or proposes to you!
Why not enjoy a relationship far from reality with this game?
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♥︎The following devices are not recommended as we cannot guarantee the game performance, especially with Android OS 2.3♥︎
・IS11S (SOI11) Sony Ericsson
・ISW11M(MOI11) Motorola
・IS11S(SOI11) Sony Ericsson
・IS11PT(PTI11) Pantech
・IS11N(NEI11) NEC Cassio
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♥︎ Download ♥︎

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