Arabian Nights ~ Desert Heat Love ~


Arithmetic/Okko’s love game

Description Button

You find yourself trapped in an Arabian Nights, and three enticing princes start lavishing their burning love on you…

Story Button

“Would it be so bad to marry one of us?”
Has the jewel chosen me as the maiden of destiny?
As the future queen of this Arabian country, it is your choice who will be the next king…
Should you fail to choose one of the three princes by the next solar eclipse, you will pay with your life.
What lies ahead of you, at the hands of such a fate?
Tips Button ~Make friends and Nice Dress them everyday to get 20 Love Points for each Nice Dress.
~Do NOT spend real money for platinum. You can install app.s and collect platinum little by little.
Characters Button

 Click on the pictures to go to their walkthrough 

The Selfish Soldier Prince.
The Angelic Liar Prince.
The Devilish First Prince.
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