[Walkthrough] Be My Princess – GREE ~ Edward Levaincois


Edward’s walkthrough

Credits: Kokoro-Cafe

[Chapter 1] 

A. Allow him to show you around
B. Politely Decline (+)

A. Don’t I know you from…
B. That crest… (+)

Get a Letter

[Chapter 2] A Miracle That Happened to Me

A. Your gown is beautiful (+)
B. It’s nothing

A. Red wine
B. White wine (+)

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[Chapter 3] Sneaking Out From The Party

A. Go after Glenn (+)
B. Stay with Roberto

A. Thank you very much. (+)
B. I’ll be fine on my own

Require 5000+ Royalty Factor

Get a Letter

[Chapter 4] An Unexpected Visitor

A. Thank you again for before.
B. Why did you come back? (+)

A. Agree with Monsieur Pierre (+)
B. Give your honest opinion

Sweet route: Chiffon top & leather bag set-7200 Cruz/300 Coins -> Get a CG!
Normal route: Leather bag-2400 Cruz/100 Coins

Get a Letter

[Special Story] The Opportunity Has Arrived

A. A spread about Joshua. (+)
B. A spread about Glenn.

A. I have been feeling a little stressed (+)
B. I’m really fine

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[Chapter 5] The Pure White Envelope

A. Why are you here, Prince Joshua? (+)
B. I’m afraid this area is for staff only…

A. Continue listening to them
B. Leave the conversation (+)

~Gacha Open: The Retro Apartment, The Retro Apartment’s Secrets~

Get a Letter

[Chapter 6]

6.* Why was I chosen?
6.* Ask if he is okay

Get a Letter

~Gacha Open: Flea Market Finds~

[Chapter 7]

7.* Keep the dress on
7.* Ask
Require 15000+ Royalty Factors

Get a Letter

[Chapter 8]

8.* You don’t normally wear frilly shirts?
8.* The dressy side gore boots

Get a Letter

[Chapter 9]

9.* Refuse politely
9.* I’ll do my best
Sweet route: Buy Lace Combination Dress ~ 18000 Cruz/500 Coins -> Get a CG!
Normal route: Retro Scarf Bandana ~ 4800 Cruz/200 Coin

Get a Letter

[Chapter 10]

10.* Ask
10.* We should approach him together

Get a Letter

[Chapter 11]

11.* Thank you for your concern
11.* That’s my secret storage space.

Get a Letter

[Chapter 12]

12.* Ask him about his childhood
12.* Ask him to help pack
Require 30000+ Royalty Factors

Get a Letter

~Gacha Open: A Secret Garden~

[Chapter 13]

13.* Would you be able to give us an article
13.* Skills

Get a Letter

[Chapter 14]

14.* I’m glad to see you’ve finally finished working.
14.* The Royal Commission’s watching us
Sweet route: Crossover Neck mini Dress ~ 27000 Cruz/750 Coins -> Get a CG!
Normal route: Lace Tights & Stripe Pamps ~ 7200 Cruz/300 Coin

Get a Letter

[Chapter 15]

15.* Tell him to go after her
15.* I’ll take your questions!

Get a Letter

[Chapter 16]
16.* Stay at the party
16.* Answer the phone
Require 80000+ Royalty Factors

Get a Letter

~Gacha Open: A Secret Garden~

[Chapter 17]

17.* We should do that again sometime
17.* Answer him jokingly.

Get a Letter

[Chapter 18]

18.* I didn’t think we’d break up so quickly
18.* Answer the door yourself
Sweet route: Warm Outfit with Shawl ~ 36000 Cruz/1000 Coins -> Get a CG!
Normal route: Dolman Sleeve Warm Coat ~ 18000 Cruz/500 Coins

Get a Letter

[Chapter 19]
19.* I don’t want to be a burden to you
19.* Change the topic.

~Final Gacha Open: Charles Kingdom’s Secret~

~Get Charles Princess outfit

Get a Letter

Secret Happy End
Mission to get Secret Happy End:
Require 100000+ Royalty Factors
Get a Letter
Get a CG!

Happy End
Get a Letter


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