Shall We Date?: Mononoke Kiss+


♥  NTT Solmare love game 

Description Button “Shall we date?: Mononoke Kiss+” is a novel type dating simulation game, depicting a forbidden romance between a princess (a player) and a mononoke (a handsome humanoid monster).
The story starts with a scene in which mononokes attack a castle. All of a sudden a mysterious beautiful man appears in front of the princess and saves her from a danger; they leave the castle to escape from the mononokes. At first the princess feels uneasy about the man, but as they spend time together, she has started to fall for him.
Story Button
Once upon a time… Mononokes (humanoid monsters) were living discreetly in human society. And my life as a princess was full of peace… One day, some mononokes attacked my castle! One of them said to me, “You must be Yuri’s daughter.” And he attempted to take me away. “What the earth is going on!? Somebody, help me!!” Then all of a sudden, four young men appeared in front of me. “Who are you? What’re you doing here?” Now, I have to choose one of them to escape from the mononokes.
Tips Button~When you begin playing for the first time, read the story first after finishing the tutorial. Read until you need to restore at least one power. If you do, then when you are making friends the time for power restoration will move, so you will save as much time as you spend on looking for friends and taking trainings.
~Make as many friends as you can. (I usually make from 40 to 60)
~Greet your friends and leave messages everyday to earn koban. I know it takes very long time to greet and leave messages.
~Send friend requests to players who have few friends (around 0-15).
~Don’t dipose of your low charm level avatars.
~Don’t use your Rice balls and Dangos at regular times and while there is an event. Use them when the event points double. (they usually start 2 days before the closing)
~Keep at least 10 Passports in your Items List.
~Try not spend real money.
Characters Button

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Type: Humanoid Fox
Height: 5.8 feet
Age: 27
Favorites: Girls
Type: Humanoid Dragon
Height: 5.7 feet
Age: 20
Favorites: Sake
Type: Demon Crow
Height: 6.0
Age: 20
Favorites: Grilled fish 
Type: Humanoid Beast
Height: 6.2
Age: 23
Favorites: Grass-flavoured rice cake
Type: Water Dragon
Height: 6.3
Age: 32
Favorites: Sweets

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♥  Coming Soon 

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