Shall We Date?: Lost island+


♥  NTT Solmare love game 

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Free to play with in-app purchases
Zombies are roaming in an isolated island!? Blooming romance in an unusual setting!
Please enjoy the thrilling love story in the extreme situation far from your daily life.
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New researcher (heroine) arrives at the beautiful island to do energy research. Soon after that, a series of mysterious deaths occurs around her… What she is going to witness is that unbelievable phenomenon of dead people…
Tips Button
~When you begin playing for the first time, read the story first after finishing the tutorial. Read until you need to restore at least one power. If you do, then when you are making friends the time for power restoration will move, so you will save as much time as you spend on looking for friends and taking actions.
~Greet your friends and leave messages everyday to earn shells. I know it takes very long time to greet and leave messages.
~Don’t use your Supplements, Reagents and Chemicals at regular times and while there is an event. Use them when the event points double. (they usually start 2 days before the closing)
~Keep more than 10 Secret Keys in your Items List.
~Do not spend real money.
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4 thoughts on “Shall We Date?: Lost island+

    • Aaa sorry for super late reply;;;
      I haven’t played Lost Island in a while, but I think the spin offs were only available during events. In case if there are available, they should be somewhere in the character change (and each should have a spin-off tabs)


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