[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party) ~ Kunihiko Aikawa

Screenshot_2014-08-31-22-58-06 Kunihiko’s walkthrough

[Chapter 1]
No we don’t. (+10)
I can trust him. (+10)

[Chapter 2]
What are we doing? (+10)
~Open the House
Accept his offer. (+10)

[Chapter 3]
Have her tell him my name. (+10)
Copy Uncle Kunihiko. (+10)

Avatar Mission:
Normal Route: Monochrome Flower Necklace ~ 600 Mari
Sweet Route and Get a CG!: First Marriage Interview Outfit ~ 200 Coins

[Chapter 4]
She didn’t seem like that kind of person. (+10)
Contradict him. (+10)

[Chapter 5]
Tell him I’m the fiancee. (+10)
I know. (+10)

Require 3000+ Wife Points

[Chapter 6]
Yes. (+10)
How to make coffee. (+10)

[Chapter 7]
Even you ride trains. (+10)
I hope I have. (+10)

Avatar Mission:
Normal Route: Round Leopard Print Bag ~ 5000 Mari
Sweet Route and Get a CG!: Vacation Style Pants Outfit ~ 500 Coins

[Chapter 8]
I’d love to. (+10)
Hold on to him. (+10)

Require 15000+ Wife Points

[Chapter 9]
Think about it. (+10)
Can you sit dow and wait? (+10)

[Chapter 10]
Help him. (+10)
Don’t apologize. (+10)

Avatar Mission:
Normal Route: Square Jeweled Earrings ~ 10,000 Mari
Sweet Route and Get a CG!: On The Way To Kunian Outfit ~ 750 Coins

[Chapter 11]
Cool it down for him. (+10)
Tell the truth. (+10)

[Chapter 12]
With pleasure. (+10)
I’m sure he’ll come. (+10)

[Chapter 13]
Tell her about how I left home. (+10)
Hold his hand. (+10)

Require 50000+ Wife Points

[Chapter 14]
A: “Are you seeing me with new eyes?” (+10)
A: Tell him. (+10)


4 thoughts on “[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party) ~ Kunihiko Aikawa

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  2. Ok, so I know Kuni isn’t really her uncle, but why does she call him that? I’ve played Yamato, Saeki and Takao’s but I just want to know before I get too into this route. It’s not weirding me out but I was curious.


    • I read somewhere that Kuni was MC’s father’s sister-in-laws brother or something…I’m not really sure tho o3o please don’t quote me ^^;;
      So as far as I know, Kuni is her uncle but not blood related, like maybe distant uncle?


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