My Forged Wedding: PARTY


♥  Voltage love game

“Please…marry me! It’s only for three months…”
Though you just met…suddenly you’re married?!
You find yourself in a contract of fake marriage for three months…
But at the end of it all, what will become of you and your new husband?
Will your love, which started as a lie, become true love after all?
Free to download and free to play, now you can enjoy a fun new romance with several attractive men!
Now available in English for the first time, the wildly popular Romance Drama Application “My Forged Wedding: PARTY”!


You come to a certain cafe to arrange the first meeting between your new fiance and your parents. After being introduced to the five attractive men who are frequent visitors, you are given an envelope.
Inside is a note from your fiance…breaking off your engagement!
“But, why…?!”
Your parents seem so happy to see you engaged that you can’t tell them the truth…
Then, suddenly, a voice says,
“Sorry to keep you waiting…”
Could it be… one of the men you’ve just met?!
“I’m your daughter’s fiance.”


~Collect your Healing Aroma and Love Passes for the events. (not that there is actually time between the events -.-)
~Use your Healing Aromas when the Cooking battle is in fever time.
~Choose Event Mates wisely! They cannot be un-mated.
~Choose mates with high points.
~Go to cooking battles with mates who are choosing you for choosing battles in return.

♥  Click on the pictures to go to their walkthrough 
♥ Season 1♥
Kunihiko Ren Saeki
Takao Yamato yuta
♥ Season 2♥
Yamato Ren
sweet spring kiss
output_vyK9Y8 white day
output_nlmP67 output_aGJziy
romantic xmasoutput_jj93Ec
output_bPal9yTakao Jealousy
Halloween wicked kiss1 month anniversary
Summer Festival DateSummer Love

♥  Kunihiko Aikawa 

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♥  Ren Shibasaki 

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♥  Saeki Takamasa 

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♥  Takao Matuyama 

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♥  Yamato Kougami 

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20 thoughts on “My Forged Wedding: PARTY

  1. I think Im going to lose my MFW streak…anyway, I had to restore my phone and I have a ID/password, but every time I restart my phone and download MFW, and click on transfer data, the MFW app just sends me to the Start avatar page. Have you noticed this issue (I had the same issue with SC but learned to be very careful with clicking the transfer button). Or is there another way to input the code?


    • Sorry for late reply ^^;

      Maybe try refreshing the page? I have transferred my data from Android to iOS, and I didn’t have any problem with it. Although it was long time ago…


  2. Hey, can u help me please? I want to transfer my data to my new cp but it asks me a Transfer ID and a password. Where do I get that? >_<


  3. About transferring data, is it possible to transfer from IOS to Android? And what would kind of data would be affected, if ever? (Eg. Items, avatar, story, etc)


  4. Hi, I’m going to transfer data to a new phone, (samsung to xiaomi), but I’m worried because I have still alot of things in mt gift box. Will they disappear when I transfer data?


    • Hello!
      I’m not certain about items in gift box, but I have read that when you transfer, only coins will reset (due to different purchase system) so I’m guessing it should still be there.


    • Helloo~
      So, to transfer data, first, you have to get a password (if you haven’t done so).
      To do that, tap on the ‘support’ button at the bottom navigator then ‘Transfer data’ and it will ask you to make a password.
      Then after confirmation, when you install the app on your iOS, there should be a button ‘data transfer’ (or something similar) at the start. (however, I don’t know how to transfer, if you have already started the game and played for a bit on the device you want to transfer to…but I think you might have to reinstall the app in that case…)

      I hope this helped! ;;u;;


    • Hello~
      To get backgrounds, you have to finish a Super Happy Ending (main route); complete an event that offers a background; pick the background from gatchas that offer it; or sometimes voltage makes small giveaway sort of events where you have to complete certain requirements (altho there only have been 1-2 giveaways of BG since the game started…orz)
      Hope this helped~ ^^


    • You can check your id in your Stats or ‘Transfer data’ in the support button on the botton navigator. As for password, you’ll have to set up a new one in the ‘trasfer data’ again.


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