Shall We Date?: Angel or Devil+


♥  NTT Solmare love game 

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“Shall we date?: Angel or Devil+”, hereafter referred to as “the game”, is a novel type dating simulation game, depicting a romance between you (a player) and a hero (an angel, devil or reaper). The game is the first one among the series, which has been developed with Shojo (girls) Manga like illustrations that successfully make the game a romantic fantasy.

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The game depicts your (a player’s) 7 days with an angel, devil and reaper. The story started with a scene where you found yourself in bed at the hospital when you opened your eyes-you had been involved in a car accident. All of a sudden, three strange men appeared in front of you-the angel with shining wings; the demon with deep black wings who was smirking; the reaper with a scythe in his hand whose eyes were cold. They asked for your soul because you had only a few days left to live.

Tips Button~When you begin playing for the first time, read the story first after finishing the tutorial. Read until you need to restore at least one power. If you do, then when you are making friends the time for power restoration will move, so you will save as much time as you spend on looking for friends and taking lessons.
~Make as many friends as you can. (I usually make from 40 to 60)
~Greet your friends and leave messages everyday to earn souls. I know it takes very long time to greet and leave messages.
~Send friend requests to players who have few friends (around 0-15).
~Don’t dipose of your low charm level avatars.
~Don’t use your Angel Kiss and Chocolate at regular times and while there is an event. Use them when the event points double. (they usually start 2 days before the closing)
~Keep at least 10 Piece of Justice in your Items List.
~To get Sweet Ending, choose all right answers and use x1 True Love item at the end of chapter 10.
~Do not spend real money.

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Type: Devil
Favorites: Freedom, Chocolates
Dislikes: Angels
Hobby: Teasing Latis
Type: Angel
Favorites: Anything Beautiful
Dislikes: Demons
Hobby: Cleaning
Type: Devil
Favorites: It’s a secret
Dislikes: Angel and the reaper and incompetence people
who work for him
Hobby: He is keeping it as a secret
Type: Reaper
Favorites: Souls
Dislikes: Angels and Demons
Hobby: Looking at his collection of souls
Type: Reaper
Favorites: Anything interesting and fun
Dislikes: None
Hobby: Enjoy watching Raug’s reactions
feyril icon
Type: Angel
Favorites: Human
Dislikes: Lies
Hobby: Reading
A secret date
Unexpected side
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♥  Diaval 

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♥  Latis 

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♥  Raug 

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♥  Ruvel 

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♥  Reiner 

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