Wakasa Sweet End

Wakasa’s sweet end

Part 1/2

Part 2/2

**I do not own anything, credits go to NTT Solmare


28 thoughts on “Wakasa Sweet End

  1. Hi!
    I have a problem…pls help! 3 days ago, I followed all the answers and used 1 ritual arrow. The love meter bar just touches the Sweet ending (2nd flower icon) To my horror, the next scene was Happy Ending Chapter 11.1,and not Sweet. After all the hard work and playing for the ritual arrow (eeeeyaaahhhhh!!!!)…..so I wrote to SOLMARE support but they are still keeping me waiting after 3 days. Could you please upload what the love meter for Sweet Ending should look like? I could email it to you if that’s easier (have checked but noone else has a sweet ending up on other blogs)
    Thanks a lot.


    • Hi :>
      Oh, that’s strange. I also picked all the right answers and used one arrow, but the bar went a bit further that the second flower on Wakasa’s route.
      Image and video hosting by TinyPic
      I also got Aoi’s Sweet, but the bar was just touching the second flower.
      I think Solmare might be having overload with lots of complainings. I suggest you to take a screen shot of your bar and chapter saying that you got Happy End and send them another e-mail.
      You don’t have to e-mail it to me, it’s ok :3
      You’re welcome.


      • Gosh….yes.That IS strange!! I’ve played other Solmare free games and most times use 2 ‘love-whatevers’ to get the juicier endings but was thinking it was such a great waste since everyone else just used one. Isn’t it like a standard thing with the meters then? Or its different with different phones?

        Oh Noooooo……honestly after spending ages on the Wakasa route, I don’t mind giving them another arrow if they want it so badly. But….how confusing!??!!!

        And thank you again:))
        I’ve sent them the screenshot 3 days back and 2 enquiries since ( yes, i have no life, lol )but still no reply.


      • Oh…I always used one. I use them at very end to see if I actually need to use one or more. And it should be a standard. if it was difference with phones, it would be very unfair for those who have to use 2 items, and it will bring down Solmare. (so it’s bad for them too).

        IKR! the very first time I played one of Solmare games, I used the love item while I was in the middle of the story and didn’t get a picture at around ch.9 >_< (it was supposed to be a kissing scene ToT..lol)

        Well, I hope they will reply eventually.
        And no problem πŸ™‚


  2. Can you believe it? I’m still waiting for tech support to do something. Looks like I’ve lost the kunoichi dress and sweet ending:(
    I’ve been playing ‘devil angel’ and a minute ago got
    Super Happy Ending with Raug but had to use 3 True Love….its crazy! When I applied the 1st one at the prompt to move the meter to SHE….nothing happened. Luckily I had saved another Love , and used it- so it ended exactly on the SHE bar, but not taking any more chances…..what’s with my bad luck???? Did you also just use 1 to get Super Happy Ending?


    • Wuut!? Really? That is SO strange! How many times did you try e-mailing them?
      oh…Raug 😳 …
      You used 3!? I hope you picked all the right answers?
      Right now I’m only left to pick one answer. I haven’t used any love items yet and It looks like this…
      Image and video hosting by TinyPic
      …I think you should really use the love items at the very end when they ask you whether you want to use them or not. But I’ll let you know what I get πŸ˜‰
      Oh and btw, the kunoichi dress was 100 charms.


      • I emailed them 4 times and left 2 messages in Facebook. Haha…they must be happy to ignore me! Or they just dunno what to do themselves?

        Yup, I used all the correct answers from walkthroughs….( if I actually picked them myself, I’d never get the guy…^_^) and before using the True Loves, my meter looked like yours. Thanks for putting it up…makes things so much easier to explain!

        Ah,hmm….about that at the end thing, I’ve used ‘ love helpers (??)’ early, middle and end, and now use only when they prompt at the end, like you said.

        BUT until now I haven’t gotten the juicy end with Mononoke Enojo cos the 1st time, I Loved him up in the middle and we ended ‘normal’. Bah. Then I tried to use love-whatever when they prompted at the end and the ‘love thing’ icon didn’t light up. Does this make sense? So I couldn’t push to the SHE and ended up on HE. Now am tired of rereading his entire story so that’s our ending until I’ve forgotten all about him, lol.


      • oh wow OoO Yeah, you maybe right, they’ might be looking into it and can’t find a solution? I just hope it’s not some kind of scheme :/

        lol, I got his SHE at first go xD (with the love item used at the end)

        w8..maybe using the items depends on where in the story you are? The more you are near the end, the more points it gives?…O.o


    • Yeah, one. lol I’m on right now ^~^
      About that…it was a few weeks ago…so I don’t have the meter…sowwy πŸ˜₯ but if I remember correctly it just touched the icon for SHE


      • Ah OK, thanks for answering all my questions. One more about getting the love items…we need to do the slot for them. It takes me ages…are there any tips to get the item we want? Same as avatar items, I’m still naked in devil angel. Keep getting chocolate and soul..or hair!


      • np πŸ™‚
        IRK! xD My avatar is also nekiiid in AorD+. I kind of just feel like buying the clothes ~u~ I need to get some nice supply of piece of justice first tho…
        But as far as I know, It seems like some kind of cycle (for Ninja Assassin+)…I’m not really sure tho, I got 2 angel kissies in a row on Aor D+ o3o and as for the avatar slot, I got a horn ._.


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  4. A …..horn? Lol!! In my case, I’m just always been hoarding love items! Now I know I must be the only one. Sigh.

    Solmare just replied with the standard ‘ blee blee bla bla’…need to give them more time.
    After finding out how easy it is for everyone else to get SHE, its kinda pissing me off…but I love those 2D guys to much to quit, so will keep plugging away >> I just wish the support would tell me how to proceed. Ah well.


      • oh, lol xD yeah a devil’s horn (like cows sheeps(?) and goats have)
        So my meter looked like this after finishing all the regular chapters (before the end):
        Image and video hosting by TinyPic
        and this one is after I used 1 love item:
        Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  5. You’re a sweetheart for entertaining all my requests and posts!! Thankies.
    My meter after 3 true love items ended up a tiny bit forward. Did I mention I’m still pissed?lol
    Well, after finishing Raug’s end, both of us will finally have clothes on!


      • Its finally 7 days and the bastards at Solmare replied that ‘ you have not reached the Sweet Ending slightly’. Wtf!!!

        The love meter lights up pink and ends exactly at the Sweet Ending. If they had wanted to stiff me and weasel out of admitting a mistake to one solitary player….they should have updated me earlier…not take 1 week to do nothing. Totally unbelievable! @#Β£%&*%@!!!!


      • pfft “Slightly” they say…-o-
        and is that all they said? it took them a whole 7 days to write “You have not reached the SE slightly”? That’s insane OoO
        Anywho, I’ll let you know what I get from AorD+ with that Love meter. I’m stuck in a Checkpoint…*dry laugh*


  6. Oh no….hate getting stuck at the end right before the good stuff begins…dun dun dun…. xD

    I’ve just finished Magic Sword Ethan’s Quest of Fortune…1st round. oMG …..now I cannot remember what ending I got!!!! And its not stated when I check under Menu. It just states that I completed 1 ending. Are you doing this spinoff now


    • I knoo~ lol. I need to wait for tomorrow to get one last Piece of Justice.

      Oh yeah! It doesn’t tell which ending you got… and I don’t have Magic Sword…unfortunately…my device memory is full ToT (you can actually find the games I play in the “ID share” page, the ones with invite ID lol)


  7. Ooh…..no fair! I just used 2 love items to get my SHE for Lost Island Ryo…..boo….but luckily I did. Even using 2, the bar just ended a little bit forward. Seems like with my system, I really do need 2 to 3 love items. Solmare bitches don’t want to address this issue but now I know for sure that its not a level playing field for everyone. Again, #Β£%&**++…Never mind then….as long as I know and want to play their games, I’ll just have to keep saving love …. Sigh.

    On another note- congrats on you now having cool clothes.xD
    Will you be trying for the black dress? I doubt I can finish 2 more endings to win that though.


    • Woah you used 2 love items for Lost island?? If you choose all the answers right, it just fits for SHE, no love items are required…ΒΊoΒΊ what platform are you using?

      Lol ty, I doubt I can make it in time ~v~ I don’t have any love kisses, no piece of justice and no souls…in-game-broke xD


  8. Krrazieee……rite? Bloody unfairness in these games. Well in my case, at least. I’m using android 4.2.2
    What are you using?

    I’m broke for FairyTales. Omg…19 sweets. Woah!! I want to marry Cindo!!!!! ( love hearts, love hearts #)

    Btw, the Ninja Assassin Sugar Candy thing- after getting 200 candies, you’ll get a gift of Wakasa’s event story…do you know how to access it? I can’t find it anywhere in this item List or My Room. Any clues?


    • I also use android 4.2.2! Which means..there is something strange with the app?

      Ikr! My Fairy Tales’s sweets requirements are steep

      To find wakasa’s story, go to Change character->Wakasa->Events and you should be able to read it as many times as you want.


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