Contract Marriage


Arithmetic/Okko’s love game
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Otome free game with in game purchases.
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Your once ordinary life is turned upside-down when your father’s business suddenly goes backrupt. The debt is an astounding 50 million dollars!
You’re determined to help him in any way you can, but how?!
Suddenly a hot guy appears, only to make the craziest marriage proposal ever!
“Marry me, and I’ll cover that 50 million. But in return…”
A tangled love drama with all sorts of twists and turns. Just see if your heart doesn’t skip a beat or two!
“We’re bound by a contract. We’re not friends.” “Where’s my kiss to seal the deal?” “You said you’d to anything to help, right?”
Just how dangerous will being married to a celeb get?!
Tips Button ~Make friends and greet them everyday to get 20 Marriage Points for each Nice Dress.
~Do NOT spend real money for platinum. You can install app.s and collect platinum little by little.
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 Click on the pictures to go to their walkthrough 
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