My Sweet Proposal ~Will You Marry Me?~


♥︎ OKKO’s romance love game ♥︎

Description Button

All girls dream of their future proposal.
As a wedding planner, you are always thinking of other people’s happiness but,
is this person suddenly appearing in your life a sign of destiny ?!
A self-confident son of a rich family, a famous wedding designer, or an ex-boyfriend…
Will you be able to get a marriage proposal ? It only depends on you!
Who’s gonna propose to you ?
Story Button You are working as a wedding planner and your boss put you in charge of the organisation of three weddings.
Which one will you choose ?
An arrogant son of a rich family, a wedding dress designer who is also one of your supplier, or your ex-boyfriend that you can not forget ?
Is this sudden encounter a sign of destiny ?
And will you be able to overcome all the obstacles of love and get your sweet proposal ?!
Tips Button ~Make many friends and Thank them to get 20 Love Points everyday. Thanking players that are not in your friends list won’t give you Love Points.
~Do Bridal lessons when it’s fever time, it will double you results, but it’s not always
The fever time everyday at:
– 12.00am-1.00am
– 5.00am-6.00am
– 20.00pm-21.00pm
*these are the ones I was able to take the note.
*they are Japan time
~Collect as much rose oils as you can to use them for events. Make friends and strike a conversation with them and help each other.
~Do NOT spend real money for platinum. You can install app.s and collect platinum little by little. It does take very long time, but “many droplets can create oceans” :3
Characters Button

Click on the pictures to go to their walkthrough 
Keita Sakura
Todo  photo Screenshot_2014-12-11-01-26-46_zps68eb396a.png
Events 1
On Going  Finished 
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