[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party): Ren Shibasaki

 Ren’s Walkthrough
Invite ID: 36ae701e

[Chapter 1] A Foreign Fiancé?!
Don’t be rude to Ren. (+10)
I have a request. (+10)

[Chapter 2] A Dangerous Wedding Night.
Can I look inside your fridge? (+10)
I’ll sleep on the living room sofa. (+10)

[Chapter 3] First Time at a Supermarket.
Are you sure you want me working here? (+10)
You need to have a balanced diet. (+10)

Avatar Mission:
Normal Route: Macaron Ribbon Slippers ~600 Mari
Sweet Route and Get CG: Fluffy House Wear Outfit ~200 Coins

[Chapter 4] My Rival is a Butler?!
I’m so glad you came back. (+10)
Don’t worry about it. (+10)

[Chapter 5] My Husband Wears a Lab Coat.
Yes, of course. (+10)
Would it be alright if I went?  (+10)

Require 3000+ Wife Points

[Chapter 6]
You don’t know anything about Ren. (+10)
Aren’t you tired of your sleeping bag? (+10)

[Chapter 7] First Date at the Zoo
Are you going to the lab today? (+10)
Why did you get this? (+10)

Avatar Mission:
Normal Route: Tricolor Bag ~5000 Mari
Sweet Route and Get CG: Zoo Date Outfit ~500 Coins

[Chapter 8] Ren’s Secret
It’s all thanks to you, Ren. (+10)
You should go see her. (+10)

Require 15000+ Wife Points

[Chapter 9] A Place Just for Us
I’m glad you came home. (+10)
I’m glad we can tell my uncle. (+10)

[Chapter 10] To His Birthplace
Unfortunately… (+10)
Alright, bring it on! (+10)

Avatar Mission:
Normal Route: Beige Actress Hat ~10000 Mari / 500 Coins
Sweet Route and Get CG: Meet The Parents Outfit ~750 Coins

[Chapter 11] A Sudden Goodbye
No… (+10)
How does Ren really feel? (+10)

Require 30000+ Wife Points

[Chapter 12]
Of course! (+10)
I’m sorry… (+10)

[Chapter 13]
I missed you too. (+10)
Isn’t that ring special to you? (+10)

[Chapter 14]
Let’s go back to your country. (+10)
Thank you (+10)

Super Happy Ending: 300+ Chemistry

Happy Ending: 280+ Chemistry
Normal Ending: Less than 280+ Chemistry

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