[Walkthrough] Shall We Date?: Mononoke Kiss+ Hikobane

Hikobane’s walkthrough
Invite ID:FyziTCtDvy

[Chapter 1]
1.3 No, thank you.
1.7 …I’ll do it.
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[Chapter 2]
Minigame Checkpoint ~ 25% succession rate
2.10 Crows are cute too
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[Chapter 3]
3.3 …No, I shouldn’t have done that.
3.8 Apologize sincerely.
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[Chapter 4]
4.4 Fight
Charm Checkpoint: ~ Require 200+ Charm
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4.8 You are still Hikobane
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[Chapter 5]
5.3 It was a dream about my childhood…
5.7 Because Hikobane was caring for me
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[Chapter 6]
6.3 Well, if you don’t mind giving it back…
Item Checkpoint ~ Require x4 Passport
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6.9 Since I’m with you…
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[Chapter 7]
7.3 Look to Hikobane.
7.8 I really trust you.
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[Chapter 8]
Charm Level Checkpoint ~ Require 400+ Charm Level
8.5 I won’t let you hurt him.
8.7 I want to at least relieve your pain a little.
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[Chapter 9]
9.5 I can’t bear it any longer.
9.7 Could you kiss me again…?
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[Chapter 10]
10.2 I can fight too, right?
Minigame Checkpoint ~ 25% succession rate
10.9 I have feelings too..
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[Chapter 11]
11.2 I don’t ever want to be apart again.. 
Item checkpoint ~ Require x11 Passports
11.8 Will you always stay with me
Get a CG

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