[Walkthrough] Shall We Date?: Mononoke Kiss+ Ryuzaburo

Ryuzaburo’s walkthrough
My invite ID: FyziTCtDvy

*To get the sweet ending you have to use at least one Love potion with all the answers right. To get a love potion you can buy them at the shop with 200 Coins or buy 10 coupons with 200 Zeni each which can be exchanged for 1 Love potion.

[Chapter 1]
1.4 Apologize
1.6 Please don’t drop me!
Get a CG!
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 2]
2.2 Then I will try to keep smiling.
Minigame Checkpoint ~ 25% Succession rate
2.8 But what you’ve said is the truth, isn’t it?
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 3]
3.3 Its okay.
3.7 That was misleading…
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 4]
Charm Checkpoint ~ Require 200+ Charm Level
4.7 I’m sorry for making you worry.
4.8 What’s wrong all of a sudden?
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 5]
5.5 Thank you for saving me 
5.8 But you’ll always save me. won’t you?
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 6]
6.6 I knew nothing about it.
6.7 Give in to his kindness. 
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 7]
7.5 I’m happy you were considerate of me, but…
7.9 You are like an older brother
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 8]
8.6 I’m a demon…
8.8 You’re so nice.
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 9]
9.5 I’m sad
9.7 I love you
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 10]
10.1 Please Stay Safe
10.8 I’m already in love with somebody else…
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 11]
11.4 As long as you are with me, I’m fine.
11.6 I’m glad you are safe too, Ryuzaburo.
Get a Love Letter

Happy End:
Get a Love Letter

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