[Walkthrough] Shall We Date?: My Fairy Tales+ Cindo

Cindo’s Walkthrough

[Chapter 1]
1.1 He’s the prince of this castle.
Get a CG!
1.8 All right, I swear!
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 2]
Gate of Fortune-Telling ~ 50% succession rate
2.6 I have to help Cindo.
2.9 All right…
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 3]
Owl’s forked road ~ Require x3 Sweets
3.5 Master!
3.6 I’ll have to knock him out!
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 4]
4.2 Alright
Magic Book’s Appraisal ~ Require 700+ Fantasica level
4.6 You should try to calm down
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 5]
5.2 I want to touch you , but…
Get a CG!
5.7 I can’t apologize when I haven’t done anything wrong
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 6]
Owl’s forkers road ~ Require x7 Sweets
6.5 No thank you
6.8 Go along with it.
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 7]
7.2 Blush
7.5 Let’s do our best.
Magic Book’s Appraisal ~ Require 1200+ Fantasica level
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 8]
8.4 Be suspicious
8.8 Then you’ll miss the ball
Owl’s forked road ~ Require x9 Sweets
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 9]
9.1 Prettier than the princess?
Gate of Fortune-Telling ~ 10% succession rate
Get a CG!
9.7 I must be dreaming.
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 10]
10.1 Y…yes.
10.4 No problem.
Owl’s forkers road ~ Require x19 Sweets
Get a Love Letter

Happy Ending:
Get a CG
Get a Love Letter

Sweet Ending:
Get a CG
Get a Love Letter


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