[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party): Secret Love Island Event

First Romance: Secret Love Romance Walkthroughs

[Stage 1] Deserted Island, Forbidden Lies?!
A. I’ll pass (+200)

Avatar Mission:
White Wedged Sandals ~ 3000 Mari/ 200 Coins

[Stage 2] Outdoor cooking with the Newlyweds
A.Give your thanks to Yamato (+200)

Avatar Mission:
White Sunglasses ~ 4500 Mari/ 300 Coins

[Stage 3] A Late-Nights Haunting
Ask him what’s wrong

[Stage 1] The Perfect Couple?
B. No (+200)

Avatar Mission:
Ethic Earrings ~ 3000 Mari/ 200 coins

[Stage 2] His Wish
Avatar Mission:
Flower Beach Tote ~ 4500 Mari/ 400 Coins

A.Help Yamato (+200)

[Stage 3] Under the Starry Tanabata Sky
What are you doing here? (+200)

[Stage 1] My Husband is an Ethnobotanist
B.Put on a fake smile. (+200)

Avatar Mission:
White Lace Top ~ 3000 Mari/ ?Coins

[Stage 2]
Call out to him. (+200)

Avatar Mission:
Resort Print pants ~ 4500 Mari/ 400 Coins

[Stage 3]
Ask him why. (+200)


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