[New] My Sweet Proposal ~Will you marry me?~ For iOS users! (Win iOS Serial Code! available until August 7th!)

My Sweet Proposal ~Will you marry me?~ the app is now available in AppStore!

All girls dream about their future proposal.
As a wedding planner, you are always thinking of other people’s happiness but,
is this person suddenly appearing in your life a sign of destiny ?!

A self-confident son of a rich family, a famous wedding designer, or an ex-boyfriend…
Will you be able to get a marriage proposal ? It only depends on you!
Who’s gonna propose to you ?

Starting from this new title, a new system of game-play has been introduced as “Bridal Lessons” or several missions to complete, which will appear besides the story.
Raise your “Engagement Strengh” in order to find your love of destiny !

You can enjoy this game alone at your own pace, 
or you can also make friends, exchange mini messages and support each others to get points !

You are working as a wedding planner and your boss put you in charge of the organisation of three weddings.
Which one will you choose ? 
An arrogant son of a rich family, a wedding dress designer who is also one of your supplier, or your ex-boyfriend that you can not forget ?

Is this sudden encounter a sign of destiny ?
And will you be able to overcome all the obstacles of love and get your sweet proposal ?!

-It is not necessary to register your email adress in order to play the game.
-You will receive for free 5 scenario tickets everyday, so you can enjoy a sweet time with him.
-This game is a love simulation which looks like a visual novel.
-There are some limited ranking event etc., so check it it out !

~ Download it for iOS from here

**By the way, I got a Serial code for Pre-registration for iOS. Since I don’t use Apple device (hum…yes, apparently I don’t) I thought someone might need it?

~The code will expire on August 7th!

~I will chose the winner randomly.  All you have to do is…leave a comment :>

▼How to do:

  1. Download the application and complete the tutorial.
  2. Click on MY PAGE, and then on “Pre-registration campaign”
  3. Enter the serial code.
  4. Click on “Send” and you will be able to receive your gifts.
  5. Due to our system condition, at first you will receive only 1 gachaticket. Then you will receive the 2 others ticket after some time



  • The serial code is limited in time.
  • Go get your gifts just after installing the application.
  • You can use a serial code only once.
  • You can use only one serial code per account, you can not use the pre-registration campain several time with the same account.
  • It may take time before your receive your 3 gacha tickets




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