[Event] The Cinderella Contract: Liar Prince and Snow White

New Liar Prince and Snow White Event!

♥︎ Process and Instructions:

  1. You can go on reading a scenario
  2. You collect “Thread of Glass” and “Iridescent Silk” and make your avatar at Magic dress studio.
  3. Love Trial of an avatar and caren
  4. You can read one of two kinds of ending  depending on your avatar

♥︎ Cheats:
There is the fever time when the numerical value to improve of the love lesson doubles during a period.

~There are two endings, “Good Ending” and “Normal Ending.”~

♥︎ Carene ranking prizes:
20th place ~ “Fairy Tale ★ Forest Prince Set”
50th place ~ “Fairy Tale ★ Green Rose Crown”
100th Place ~ “Fairy Tale ★ Green Rose Corsage”
200th Place ~ “All Scenario recovery ticket”
500th place ~ “1500 Feminine”

♥︎ Course end Complete privilege:
You get “Story Complete Recovery Ticket” when you clear 3 endings or 6 endings!

♥︎ Complete Privilege:
You get Fairy Tale specification background when you clear 8 endings full complete!

♥︎ Early clear Privilege:
It is within two days from an entry.
When you clear both “Peter Pan ★ Claude end” and “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ★ Cyril end” you get Fairy Tale END★ Coffin of Glass.
When you clear both “Snow White ★ Asena end” and “Little Mermaid ★ Yuri end” you get Fairy Tale END★ Fairy-Tale Bambi.


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