[Event] My Forged Wedding (Party): First Romance~ Secret Love Island

My Forged Wedding (Party) :Event
~First Romance~ Secret Love Island

♥︎ How to Play:
You do not need Love Passes to read Event Stories.
Mission will sometimes appear as you read the story.
♥︎ Endings:
Event Stories have two endings: Happy End and Super Happy End. Both stories have different content.
Endings are determined by your individual affection. This does not include the affection of your Event Wife Mates.
Before the story will process to the ending, it will show you how much affection you need to process with a Super Happy End.
You can only play one at a time.
If you change Event route in the middle of a play, you will lose all the data from the previous route.
You can play Event Routes and Main Story Route you have already selected at the same time.

♥︎Login Bonus:
Event-Only Login Bonus.
Login bonuses will be reset at 11am (UTC)

♥︎Character Fever Time:
For 30 minutes after selecting a new character, Fever Time will Start.


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