[Walkthrough] Shall We Date?: Assassin+ Soji

Soji’s Walkthrough
My Invite ID: K3KLZ8GN2w

~Stylish level checkpoint vary from the last checkpoint you cleared. If you pass checkpoint for 300 Points requirement on one of the guys routine, the next checkpoint level will be 900 on whichever guys routine you pick.
~To get the Sweet End you have to purchase the ritual arrow (245NA-Coins) or play slot and accrue 10 ritual arrow coupons and exchange it into one ritual arrow.

[Chapter 1]
1.2 I’ll give my best
Get a CG!
1.7 I was scared
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 2]
2.2 Don’t tell me…
2.5 Maybe…
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 3]
3.2 Yes.
Stylish Level Checkpoint
3.9 I didn’t do anything
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 4]
4.3 Thanks for your concern
4.8 With Soji
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 5]
5.2 What do you think?
Item Checkpoint ~ Require x6 Purses
5.8 I’m sorry
Get a CG!
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 6]
6.2 I had fun
Mini Game Checkpoint ~ 33% succession rate
6.7 I’m going with you
Get a CG!
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 7]
7.1 Thanks
7.9 I’ll be okay
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 8]
8.2 I was trying to wake you
Stylish Level Checkpoint
8.6 I wanted to come
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 9]
Mini Game Checkpoint ~ 11% succession rate
Get a CG!
9.4 Okay
Get a CG! x2
9.7 Dangerous or not…
Get a Love Letter

[Chapter 10]
Item Checkpoint ~ Require x12 Purses
10.2 Okay
10.8 It’s not his fault!

Happy Ending:
Stylish Level Checkpoint
Get a CG!
Get a Love Letter

Sweet Ending:
Stylish Level Checkpoint
Get a CG!
Get a Love Letter

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3 thoughts on “[Walkthrough] Shall We Date?: Assassin+ Soji

  1. Uhh why are there no points wirtten here? I just downloaded the game and I’m about to play, but I don’t see any points in this walkthrough..?


    • They don’t have exact points. To know if you chose the right answer, the love bar will either move or not at all. The answers i here are the choices that make the bar move :>

      P.S: Soorryy for very laaate response!!1! ><;;


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