[Coming Soon!!] New Shall We Date?: My Fairy Tales+

New “Shall We Date?” game!
Coming Soon!
Producer K’s Dev Notes #29

“*pant…pant* My legs are sore… I’m producer K who is suffering from muscle pain after jogging. I haven’t done it for ages… 

Since I came back from LA, actually, I have been working on a new game title secretly. Heheh…

It’s title is!!

*Drum rolls* *Drum rolls* *Drum Rolls*

Shall we date?: My Fairy Tales+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The paid version of this title has been available…but…

I always wanted to release a free version of it because its illustrations are breathtakingly beautiful.

My dream has almost come true, which makes me sooooooooooooo excited!!

A special feature of My Fairy Tales+ is the look of its avatar system. It is dramatically revised! 

Before, we mainly played with avatars by changing the outfits of the heroines.

In this game, we can arrange castles and houses to play with!

Making this system was so much fun!! Woo Hoo!!

We have scheduled to release it around early August. So please wait a little more!

Oh, yes! Don’t forget about Ninja Assassin+ as well!!

…Now, there is a limited time offer of a Boyfriend Avatar in the Avatar Slot. Why don’t you try to get it?! 

Aaaaaaall right! C ya!”

Already can’t wait for the game release 😀


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