[Walkthrough] Shall We Date?: Lost Island+ Ren Nishimura

Ren Nisimura’s Walkthrough
My ID:LdUMb6jaSa

[Chapter 1]
1.5 It’s not weird
1.11 Cotton Candy
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[Chapter 2]
2.4 I’m not…
2.10 I do!
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[Chapter 3]
3.2 Okay.
Laboratory Door Escape point ~ x1 Secret key
3.10 But…
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[Chapter 4]
4.4 T-that’s going too far!
4.9 You’ll take me!?
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[Chapter 5]
5.5 Thank you.
Charm Level Checkpoint
5.10 Sorry…
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[Chapter 6]
6.6 I’ll be fine.
Laboratory Door Escape point ~ x5 Secret keys
6.8 Reject him.
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[Chapter 7]
7.2 No!
Mini Game Checkpoint ~ 50% succession rate
7.9 Why aren’t you sure?
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[Chapter 8]
8.* No
8.11 You’re right
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[Chapter 9]
9.2 What are you saying!
9.6 No…
Charm Level Checkpoint
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[Chapter 10]
10.5 I know…
10.11 I’ve calmed down
Mini Game Checkpoint ~ 25% succession rate
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[Chapter 11]
Charm Level Checkpoint
11.7 Don’t think about me.
11.11 I won’t leave you.
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